Exciting News: NEW Store in Sheffield & Beeston (Nottingham)

New Nottingham Store

We’re delighted to announce the opening of a brand new store in Sheffield at 313 Eccleshall Road and 25 High Road Beeston. Sheffield is the home of many thrifty, fashion forward lovers, so we’re so looking forward to what our new venture will bring. Second-hand clothing allows you to be really creative with your look, […]

Open For Business: Get your sustainable fashion fix in store

Get your sustainable fashion fix in store

While this past year has been a struggle for many, it has also offered time and space for reflection, resulting in people becoming more conscious about their carbon footprint. While it can be easy to hit the high street, becoming more choosy where we shop can actually make such a difference from both an environmental […]

Sustainable Swaps: A Conscious Step in the Right Direction

Sustainable Swaps

There are so many easy and affordable swaps you can make that help contribute to a greener planet. It’s not difficult or expensive to be more eco friendly, it’s just a case of breaking old habits and reinventing your lifestyle practices. Everything we use runs in a cycle, and unthoughtful consumption is damaging it’s rhythm. […]

Waste to Wanted: Recycled Fashion Inspiration

Recycled Fashion Inspiration

A report recently published by the British Parliament Environmental Audit Committee on fast fashion called attention to the fact that the average clothing consumption in Britain is the highest in Europe, with only 1% of this clothing being recycled after use. For us, here at White Rose Fashion, that’s worrying, especially when we’re only wearing […]

Upcycled Fashion: What is upcycling?

What is upcycled fashion? Upcycled clothing is a method that takes worn out, used clothes, that otherwise would have been thrown away, and transforms them into brand new pieces. This can be done using pre-consumer waste (fabric left over after cutting out a pattern) and post-consumer waste (a t-shirt which, sadly, doesn’t fit anymore). Upcycled […]

The impact of recycling in a fast-fashion industry

The impact of recycling in a fast-fashion industry

Whether you’re clearing out unwanted clothes, or looking for a more sustainable way to shop, then choosing to recycle your clothing, or opting for handpicked upcycled garments, is the best way to get your stylish fashion fix. Upcycled clothing encourages and develops a recycling scheme. Recycling used fashion garments not only helps those in need, […]

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable Fashion

What is sustainable fashion? Fashion is one of the world’s largest industries, but it’s also one of the most polluting. For us here at White Rose Fashion, Sustainable fashion is all about fostering a positive change and meeting today’s needs while simultaneously ensuring the way we go about meeting future needs of the planet too. […]

Turn Your Clothes From Pre-Loves to New Loves

Turn Your Clothes From Pre-Loves to New Loves

If you’re a hoarder like me, you probably have clothes that just sit in your wardrobe for years not being worn in the hope that one day they come back into fashion. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. If they do, then great you get more wear out them but if they don’t then what […]