White Rose Shops provide a fashion experience, selling donated high street and hand-picked designer pieces as an alternative to fast fashion. All the proceeds of the sales go to the peace building work of Aegis Trust. Starting with just £2,000 to set up a small store in Nottingham, today there are 14 popular stores across cities in the East Midlands.

Could you be our catalyst for our next stage of growth?

Over 2023 and 2024 we will open new shops and drive our like for like sales to generate £5m per annum by 2025. With a 20% return on sales, that’s £1m to be given to Aegis, each year, every year from 2025 and onwards to save lives in areas of division and conflict. But we need your help.

White Rose needs investment capital of £560,000 to finance the following:

• 8 new stores requiring £35k to fit out the space
• For each new store, £35k to place 50 textile banks to supply each new store with donated stock

We invite you to partner with us by investing anything as low as £1,000 and as high as £250,000 by end of March 2023 and receive social investment tax relief. It’s a win-win. By investing, you receive a return and you will save lives through the funds you facilitate for Aegis Trust. Find out more about your social impact below.

Low Risk and Very Attractive

Up until the end of March 2023, UK taxpayers may invest with White Rose through the HMRC approved Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR). It’s an amazing scheme.

Investments can be between as low as £1,000 and must be committed for at least 3 years. Tax relief under the SITR scheme is 30%. Combined with an additional 3% per annum for 3 years from the fund, total return on investment (ROI) over 3 years is 39% or 13% per annum.

The key benefit for you as an investor in making a SITR loan, is that through this scheme, the government is reducing your risk involved in investing in a social enterprise such as White Rose. You are guaranteed to get 30% of your investment (‘the principle’) off your income tax bill whatever happens. It really is, that low risk and attractive!

We’d really love to hear from you. Drop an email and we’ll be in touch to chat this through with you. Let’s not miss the opportunity to partner together. The scheme closes end of March 2023.


The Social Impact from Your Investment.

The new and exciting stores that your loan will facilitate, will be in student populated areas. Coventry, Birmingham, Sheffield, Loughborough, Leeds, Lincoln, Manchester, and Peterborough are on the list. Your investment will enable social impact in 3 ways:

1. For Aegis Trust

By 2025, White Rose will be able to generate £1m of surplus profits annually to fund Aegis Trust and its peace education programmes and work to prevent genocide as well as creating a community of support for Aegis through its customers, donors and employees.

2. For People

White Rose will create much needed employment within the local communities where the shops are based. Many young people especially, gain key employment skills from White Rose and go onto further employment within White Rose or other organisations. We offer volunteering opportunities for a broad range of individuals, including some of the most vulnerable in the community who gain new skills with a sense of purpose and belonging. We draw people to the high street providing renewed community contact in our stores and providing a cheaper alternative to the high street during the cost-of-living crisis, with many of our clothes being only 25% of price of what they would have been new.

3. For the Planet

Environmental damage and climate change are exacerbated by fast fashion, not least, the water sources which are used up through the production processes and the chemicals and dyes that pollute the water systems. Fashion production makes up 10% of humanity's carbon emissions, more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined (UNEP). 85% of textiles end up in landfill and take up to 200 years to decompose, releasing polluting gases.
White Rose contributes to reversing fast fashion’s impact on the environment. Through our donation points, we make recycling easy. With over 280 clothing banks, we collect over 300 tons of donated clothing annually, extending the life span of textiles through our stores. White Rose currently recycles over 1 million pieces of clothing each year and offsets carbon emissions of 1,080,000kg as well as preventing the consumption of thousands of litres of water in the production processes of new garments.
Through your investment, you will enable us to place an additional 400 clothing banks. Through their use, they will more than double the carbon emissions that we prevent to 2,490,000 kg annually and as well as reducing the use of vast quantities of water in some of the most vulnerable areas across the world.

We’ll Keep in Touch

As an investor, we’d like to stay in touch with you on our journey. The social impact that you will enable through your investment, we will monitor and measure. On a quarterly basis, we will update you on our progress through our newsletters as well as sending you special invitations to our shop openings and events. We look forward to partnering with you and thank you.
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