Bridgerton and Euphoria: How TV Is Helping Shape This Season’s Fashion

It used to be the designers that held all the influence.  The likes of Versace or McQueen, and in recent times Jonathan Anderson and Virgil Abloh. Fashion shows and catwalks from the fashion stalwarts, influencing the high-street stores. Coco Chanel began an entire culture of “little black dresses” that has lasted the test of time. Christian Dior’s revolutionary designs brought us the pencil skirt way back in the 1950s.

But it’s 2022 now. And TV is here to have a say.

Euphoria seemed to be everywhere earlier this year as the Netflix show: smashed records, became the talk of TikTok and was on the lips of young adults around the world.

And recent data from research firm USwitch suggests over the last 12 months, there have been over 1.3 million searches for makeup and fashion inspiration from that show alone.

Its' use of achievable and affordable Y2K look books is having a lasting influence on Gen Z fashion choices. Character outfits sold out at retailers online and it’s already influencing a lot of high street and designer trends for 2022.

Cut-out fashion is back, in part due to Maddy’s style choices and in particular, THAT carnival outfit in episode 7, and 2022’s bold fashion is easily mirrored in much of Euphoria’s wardrobes.

The Return of the Corset

It’s not just Euphoria that is making waves though. 2022 sees the return of everyone’s most loved period drama, Bridgerton. Known for its’ contemporary twist on the costume drama, it smashed Netflix viewing records in 2021 and like Euphoria, is at the head of the table, yet again, of 2022 pop culture.

Rather surprisingly its’ classic style of outfitting is having a lasting impression on recent fashion trends. Corsetry played a key role in Prada’s campaign towards the end of 2021 and Acne Studios and Mugler rebooted the piece for their 2022 Spring/Summer collections.

Tailoring was also again on the catwalk for both SS and AW catwalks, and Bridgerton’s strong use of colours like lime green and butter yellow seems destined to make up this season’s colour palette.

With new reincarnations of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones hitting our screens later this year, it’s a bit too early to say if “medieval chic” will be fashion’s next trend. What is easy to say though, is that television’s influences on fashion is here and here to stay.
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