Meet some of our volunteers - they do it for many different reasons but have the same aim: to support the work of White Rose and the Aegis Trust

Thank you to all our volunteers!


Thank you again for your warm welcome and for allowing the students (and staff) the opportunity to volunteer at the White Rose DC raising funds for the Aegis Trust. What a wonderful time we have all had and the experience this has given us is so fulfilling and enriching in many ways- the learners were super enthusiastic and I look forward to visiting another time with the new cohort of students in the new academic year.
Donation Centre - Nottingham


Volunteering at White Rose gave me the foundations to feel confident when applying for jobs and allowed me to give real life examples in customer service situations when I was interviewing. In such a competitive job market me being able to talk about my volunteering experience certainly gave me the edge over other candidates when applying for paid positions


Volunteering at White Rose has helped me out a lot. Through lockdown it kept me busy and gave me a place to grow and make friends in an uncertain time.


Everything is perfect for me. I wouldn't want to change anything


The most comfortable voluntary experience with the nicest staff.


I have been volunteering for White Rose for over 2 years, I usually do around 28 hours per week. What I enjoy the most is serving on the till talking to customers, I love organising the stockroom keeping it tidy, I also really enjoy tidying the shopfloor sorting the standards out. I have only just started to be trained on the till the past few months and because of that, I can now hold a store all by myself. Because of White Rose I have met lots of people and have made new friends because of this


I just love the home from home feel of White Rose. It’s so cosy and warm, that’s the only way I can explain it. I love how you can be whoever you are, (no pressure to fit in) and I love the diversity of the different characters you get to work with, and how you can be as creative as you want to be ( no visual guidelines really) I think the reasons people volunteer are so varied, but for me I’ve been quite poorly with Fibromyalgia and I just needed to get out of the house and out of a horrible rut… and the people that I’ve met at White Rose are so friendly and welcoming and it’s helped me more than anyone would know… and my manager Taylor is amazing! So White Rose will always have a special place in my heart! And of course there’s all the clothes! My wardrobe is bursting.


Originally, I was planning to do my work experience with White Rose. After getting to know the community, it made me realise what a great cause this was supporting, and how much it helps with skill in customer service and building confidence in a work environment. It truly an honour supporting people in need and raising awareness to others.


White Rose has the best volunteer experience


Volunteering is really flexible and has been so easy to fit around my uni schedule and social life
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